Who I Am

Hi, thanks for taking some time to stop by my website! I'm Peter, an Irish-Korean American community organizer, student, and entrepreneur currently attending UVA as a graduate student pursuing my JD/MBA.

Outside of working on this website, you can find me playing squash, softball, and soccer, catching up with friends over board games and calls, reading about American history, singing in the law school country band, at church, or watching sports movies.

What I'm Working On

I currently work for a few organizations including YAPAL (Young Asian Pacific American Leaders) and the National Korean Student Alliance. I write about what I'm doing on this website which you can find here.

Let's Stay in Touch

I'd love to meet with you. If you're available, you can select a time that works well for you at calendly.com/peterleehamilton

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Updated 7.26..2022